We are all leaders – developing an ‘Outward Mindset’ for positive relationships in tough times Masterclass

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** Please note these masterclasses have closed for bookings **

Outline of the Programme

The number one challenge of NHS and other care organisations is retaining and attracting colleagues in an already stretched service.  One overlooked solution is ‘interpersonal resilience’. This is the resilience we gain from the quality of our work relationships and our levels of civility in the way we interact with others.  Everyone can play their part by adopting an Outward Mindset that drives respectful relationship building behaviour:

In this 60 minute masterclass, you will cover:

  • What is interpersonal resilience and why its crucial to surviving such difficult times
  • Understand the difference between an Inward & Outward mindset
  • Why we build our relationships and interpersonal resilience through how we regard others (Outward Mindset drives civility)
  • Self reflection and discussion where ‘I’ might be negatively impacting others and reducing others resilience
  • Tools and ideas for how we can play our part to create a resilient team or culture

Delegates will receive:

  • PDF of slides
  • 8 page professional summary of best-selling book
  • Access to further Outward Mindset resources

Who is this session for:

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care.

Programme Facilitator

Alec Grimsley has devoted 17 years of his life to understanding human relationships and the impact mindset has on civility, respect and resourceful teams. 28 executive teams have trusted him with facilitating some of their most difficult conversations (16 within the NHS) and over 12,000 NHS leaders and employees have attended his workshops. Alec is also an author and has written for the UK press. His book “Vital Conversations” reached number 1 in the leadership category of Amazon (UK). In one current project, Alec is supporting and developing seven Chief Executives, who are working on a multi-organisational collaboration programme to integrate health and social care.

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