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Making Meaning as a Foundation for Change

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A Workshop Exploring How We Might Create Meaning From Where We Have Come

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Delivered in collaboration by the NHS South West Leadership Academy and The Forgiveness Project, via Zoom (repeated over 5 dates in May-June 2022).

This workshop offers a deep-dive into how we might heal and restore. With a lens on how we speak and express feelings of harm and pain, we will explore creative approaches as a transformative process. We’ll begin to look at how we can speak and make meaning from where we have come from and how making meaning can be a form of kindness to the self and others.

Writing was my 4th Emergency Service’ – Anne-Marie Cockburn

Creative approaches can reconnect us with our selves, bring new connections with others and reveal insights that might otherwise remain buried. This exploration of how we can create new meaning after harm and pain aims to provide you and those you support with appropriate tools to begin this process.

Dates Available

This workshop will be repeated over 5 different dates – Please sign up for only one session.

The workshop will run on:

Structure of the Workshop

This is a participatory workshop of 75 mins that will consist of presentations, discussions and explorations of creative tools. We will support a safe space to share what feels comfortable and appropriate for participants. The core elements of the workshop will be covered in 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for those wishing to remain in order to explore the creative tools further.

About the Facilitators

This workshop will be delivered by Sandra Barefoot, The Forgiveness Project’s Programme Development Lead and storyteller, Anne-Marie Cockburn.


Sandra Barefoot: Sandra has developed and run programmes for The Forgiveness Project for over 12 years. She has 30 years’ experience of facilitation and programme management within many diverse contexts, and in particular within theatre and the arts. Sandra is a creative artist working within performance, dance, visual arts, poetry and photography.

Sandra began her career in the late 1980’s as a SRN (State Registered Nurse) working as a staff nurse for 10 years in Intensive Care, Surgery and Accident and Emergency admission wards. After leaving nursing she initiated a programme of work in HIV/AIDS with the Deaf Community and set up the first health programme for Deaf people in New Zealand in 1994 for the Deaf Maori community.


Anne-Marie Cockburn: In 2013 Anne-Marie’s 15-year-old daughter, Martha Fernback, spent the afternoon in an Oxford park with friends when she took a half gram of pure crystallised MDMA (ecstasy) which killed her. Six hours after Martha died, Anne-Marie started to write a diary chronicling her journey of loss, intuition and hope as she scrambled around in the aftermath and tried to find meaning within the chaos as a single mother without a child.

Her book, 5,742 Days (the number of days Martha lived), was launched on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour by Jenni Murray which helped Anne-Marie to find her voice and use her experience to help others to heal and find a way forward within their own lives.

Anne-Marie has shared her story with The Forgiveness Project, in particular working in RESTORE our prison programme for the last eight years.

The Forgiveness Project works with people who have had to rebuild their lives following hurt and trauma. These ‘restorative narratives’ have the power to transform lives; not only supporting individuals to deal with issues in their own lives, but also building a climate of understanding, compassion and hope.

On the Day

If you are able, please could you ensure you use your full name and preferred pronouns when joining which will help us register your attendance to the session and ensure we are practicing inclusion.

(Due to some Trust IT systems, you may need to access Zoom via Internet Explorer rather than Microsoft Edge. Or sign in using your own personal devices.)


When partnering with development providers, a fee is paid for their services. Although this fee is not passed on to you, by registering, you have signed up to a place that somebody else could fill. If you need to cancel, please reply to this email at your earliest convenience to ensure your place can be taken up by somebody else.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

If you have registered for this offer, please consider completing our anonymous equality monitoring form. At the NHS South West Leadership Academy, we are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion; they are fundamental to our culture and core values.

In all areas of leadership development, we aim to eliminate any disadvantage based on age, disability, marriage, civil partnership, race, culture, religion or belief, lack of religion or belief, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, maternity or any other minority characteristics.

To promote equality of opportunity, we collect information about the people who use our services so that we can compare it with the overall regional and national demographics. The equality monitoring data we collect enables us to:

  1. Understand whether any particular group is underrepresented in our programmes,
  2. Implement targeted measures to increase participation and satisfaction among under-represented groups.

The completion of this form is not mandatory, however providing this data enables us to develop and implement inclusion strategies where we identify programmes that are not fully reaching all of our diverse workforce.

The equality data you provide will be completely anonymous. It will be stored in line with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. For more information, please refer to the NHS England and NHS Improvement joint privacy notice.

As this form is anonymous, we are unable to contact you if you have reasonable adjustment needs. If we can offer any adjustments to enable you to access and participate in our programmes, you can send a separate email to Nora Latapi-Dean, Positive Action Programmes Inclusion Coordinator, nora[email protected].

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