Population Health Management Masterclasses (Primary Care) – coming soon

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COVID19 has brought to wider consciousness inequalities in different areas from healthcare to technology. Population health brings significant concerns into focus and introduces ways that resources can be allocated to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions. This programme of masterclasses will support individuals and teams to have a solid understanding of Population Health Management and the importance of it in addressing inequalities, workforce planning and embedding population health with your system.

Population Health Management and Strategic Workforce Planning

Objective of the session

  • Understand the impact of strategic workforce planning in tackling health inequalities and how Population Health Management can be an asset in effective workforce planning
  • Ensure participants/workforce have the skills and leadership that meet their population health needs
  • Improve understanding of population health management information
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Techniques to embed Population Health Management approaches in day-to-day work

Objective of the session

  • Learn about the core PHM capabilities – Infrastructure, Intelligence, Interventions, and Incentives – to support maturity in line with the PHM Maturity Matrix
  • Behaviour science approach addressing health inequalities and patient and public involvement
  • Tacking digital poverty, fuel poverty, language barriers and health inequalities in access health service
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Population Health Management and Health Inequalities

Objective of the session

  • Understand the meaning, and content of population health approaches in the context of system or ICS
  • Explore global population health management approach across African, Asia, Europe, and America in the context socio-economic global trends i.e., Covid, Ukraine Crisis, Climate Change
  • Identify local, regional, and national opportunities for improving population health and evidence-based approaches (best practice).
  • Understand the role of system to challenge their approach toward population health
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