Spaces for Recovery

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Spaces for Recovery will be a home for creative expression, diversity of thought and a rich tapestry of concepts curated at this moment in time.  Created with and for our community in the South West, Spaces for Recovery has been designed with space, time and place in mind, a reflection and extension of the idea that the faster we go, the slower we need to be.

Throughout the Spring of 2023 storyteller in residence Clare Murphy will be hosting three live events, bringing together eclectic thinkers, experiences and practices that are carefully designed to invite you into alternative views on the world, of work, development and change.  We hope to inspire you, to provoke and stimulate you, and to strengthen the bonds of our diverse communities as we all seek to find time and space to grow.

Below you will find three images advertising each of the three sessions. Please click on the images to find out more and register your places.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the leadership team – [email protected]

“Amazing session! Powerful speakers. Thank you to @NHS_SWLA more of these please”
“thank you for this session – it has been a small moment of calm in a pretty frantic week – I was blown away by your speakers, their stories and the insights they gave us – so much food for thought in what I heard”

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