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Aspiring Executive Development Programme

The Aspiring Executive Development programme offers innovative and interactive development for new and aspiring directors. This programme will provide exposure to system thinking and behaviour as well as deep personal development.

The programme is currently underway, if you would like to be informed of similar offers, please submit an expression of interest.

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Bitesize Coaching for Frontline Leaders

We are working with a team of professional coaches who will provide focused, short-term support in the form of a 45-minute virtual or telephone coaching session. These are designed to offer a safe space where Frontline Leaders and Managers can reflect on and explore their concerns, needs and challenges in a constructive way.

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Bitesize Wellbeing Workshop – You Matter

As is often the case in difficult times we are seeing the best and worst in humanity. There is plenty of blame and anger around.  There are also acts of kindness and compassion. None of us has infinite energy and our ability to remain compassionate, effective and productive in both our home and work lives (increasingly blurred) will rely on our ability to look after ourselves. Investing in our own wellbeing and developing greater self-compassion needs to be a priority. Each of us is different and there is no one right way to do this – the methods we choose to invest in our wellbeing is not so important but doing it is vital.

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The Edward Jenner Programme

Refreshed for 2022! The Edward Jenner programme is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role. The programme has been designed to offer flexibility as a suite of online short courses.

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The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme

For middle to senior leaders, this programme will help you challenge the status quo, drive lasting change and prepare for senior roles.

24-month programme, leads to MSc in Healthcare Leadership

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GMTS Programme and Placement Manager Training

The NHS GMTS Team are delivering a series of training sessions aimed at current and prospective GMTS Programme and Placement ManagersThese short refresher sessions will provide an insight to the Graduate Management Training Scheme, the journey of the trainee and the roles and expectations of Programme and Placement Managers. 

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Interdisciplinary Thinking

Interdisciplinary practice is about learning to make sense of the knowledge, advice and data we get from different sources. It is, if you like, a kind of ‘meta-expertise’. More straightforwardly, it’s about learning to operate in information-rich environments. While disciplines equip us with specific lenses, tools and vocabulary, interdisciplinary practice helps us to see the world, identify and engage with the diverse information types we need, and collaborate effectively with colleagues beyond our own areas of specialism.

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Making Meaning as a Foundation for Change

A workshop to explore how we might create meaning from where we have come – various dates May 2022

‘Writing was my 4th Emergency Service’ – Anne-Marie Cockburn

We are excited to offer this exploration with The Forgiveness Project. This workshop offers a deep-dive into how we might heal and restore. Creative approaches can reconnect us with our selves, bring new connections with others and reveal insights that might otherwise remain buried. This exploration of how we can create new meaning after harm and pain aims to provide you and those you support with appropriate tools to begin this process. 

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The Mary Seacole Programme

If you’re in your first leadership role, the Mary Seacole programme will develop your knowledge and skills in leadership and management.

100 hours of online learning plus three behavioural workshops.

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Presence and Impact in the Virtual Space – How the use of Story Telling can support

Do you struggle with your storytelling technique?  Do you feel you could use more description, have better endings to your stories, create more impact?  This two-hour workshop with Clare Murphy explores the power of personal narrative to elevate your ability to communicate.  We will look at story as an act of transmission, how to edit stories to keep them powerful, and how to shape them to best suit your audience.

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The Nye Bevan Programme

If you’re a senior leader who wants to move into a board role, the Nye Bevan programme will help you develop the skills attitudes and behaviours you need to succeed.

12-month programme. Online learning, residential workshop and self-managed learning sets.

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The Ready Now programme

Ready Now supports senior BAME leaders to move into board level positions and significantly more senior roles.

12-month programme. Face to face, online and workplace-based learning, plus a three-day residential.

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South-West Reverse and Reciprocal Mentoring programme

Are you part of an underrepresented group in your organisation/system and looking to develop your career and mentoring skills? Or perhaps you are wishing to learn and understand the perspectives of our underrepresented colleagues and have considered looking for mentorship in this area?

6-month programme. Developed by our HR&OD colleagues in order to foster a positive dialogue between two people and allow participants to explore different ways of thinking and develop approaches to improve the way we all work together.
This programme aims to bring our diverse workforce together and provides support for our colleagues that are currently underrepresented, whilst also providing an opportunity to network, build inclusive relationships and helping to engage, retain and promote our talent.
Both mentors and mentees will commit to attending one virtual induction session and Mentors will commit to also attend one virtual mentor training session.
A minimum of three mentoring sessions between mentor and mentee (a minimum of one hour each) over a six-month period, and attendance (or by correspondence), to our feedback, evaluation and supervision sessions is requested.  

The Rosalind Franklin Programme

For mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems.

120 hours of online learning, four days of workshops and small group work.

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Sensemaking Series

The Sensemaking Series is an immersive programme, designed with a group of unique, influential and world-leading partners, including Cognitive Edge (with Cynefin and the concept of naturalising human sense-making at its core) and the International Bateson Institute.

Rooted in complexity, founded in exploring the uniqueness of being human and paradigm-breaking approaches to making sense of the world, this programme will bring together the ideas of Dave Snowden and Nora Bateson, underpinned by their unique methodologies and using the relational and human-centric practices of Warm Data and SenseMaker®.

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The Stepping Up Programme

For Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues, Stepping Up will help you develop your leadership and management.

5-month programme. Face to face, online and workplace-based learning.

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Supporting You Through Winter

As we continue to experience a deeply challenging and uncertain environment, and as increasing demands on our time, attention, energy and capacity may become detrimental to health and well-being, we are sharing again our current portfolio of opportunities with additional resources that have been designed to respond to the pressures of winter.

At the SWLA, we have committed this year to building our portfolio around three major themes – recovery, integration and cultural change – and we have been inspired by the interest, participation and feedback for these experiences and programmes. Through our collaboration with the leadership community and our thinking partners, we continue to introduce new and emerging ideas in leadership practice that we hope will have a powerful impact on the future of health and care in the South-West.

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