Art of Being Brilliant

The Art of Being Brilliant is a fast paced, entertaining and light-hearted session on a very serious subject; YOU and your personal wellbeing. It is solidly based in the science of positive psychology with all the big words taken out and replaced with simple to understand and easy to action content.

In a nutshell Being Brilliant is about being the best version of ourselves, something we all know how to do brilliantly. But work, pandemics, the cost of living and life in general can get in the way sometimes. This session aims to do two things, to remind you of how awesome you are and give you some simple tips that will help you form the habits that will help that best version of you be present more often.

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Aspiring Executive Development Programme

The Aspiring Executive Development programme offers innovative and interactive development for new and aspiring directors. This programme will provide exposure to system thinking and behaviour as well as deep personal development.

The programme is currently underway, if you would like to be informed of similar offers, please submit an expression of interest.

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Bitesize Wellbeing Workshops

It’s become clichéd to say that these are challenging times. Everyone knows that many people are more stressed, anxious, worried, and exhausted than usual. It is entirely reasonable to feel these things, given what’s going on. While some degree of worry is understandably widespread, more severe mental ill health is being experienced by some groups.  Experiences will of course vary from person to person – It’s important to acknowledge that staff and teams may be going through a wide range of responses.

These sessions are designed to enable individual reflection and exploration of the latest developments in neuroscience, positive psychology and resilience to help leaders enhance their own well-being, feel less pressured and facilitate resilience and well-being in their teams.

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Creating High Performing Teams

What makes an effective team? How, as a leader can I help build an environment of trust, respect and psychological safety?

This 2-hour workshop will provide team leaders with a comprehensive interactive guide to developing their team using Lencioni’s team development model. It combines theory and practice with particular emphasis on the role of the manager in creating psychological safety and role modelling trust in their team.

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The Edward Jenner Programme

Refreshed for 2022! The Edward Jenner programme is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role. The programme has been designed to offer flexibility as a suite of online short courses.

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The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme

For middle to senior leaders, this programme will help you challenge the status quo, drive lasting change and prepare for senior roles.

24-month programme, leads to MSc in Healthcare Leadership

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Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating for health and care

The Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating for health and care programme is open to all colleagues working in health, care, local authorities, and voluntary sector partnerships, who have a desire to improve the way they collaborate across organisational, professional, and hierarchical boundaries to design and deliver better health outcomes for the communities they serve.

It covers 3 main themes – What is a system? Why is it important? How do you do it?

The programme will run for five weeks and will take approximately five hours of self-directed study per week so you can fit the course around your work, study and family commitments.

24-month programme, leads to MSc in Healthcare Leadership

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Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is an essential part of any role, when done in the right way and with the right intentions, feedback can lead to outstanding performance. Giving feedback is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to get it right. This 90-minute leadership workshop has been designed to support you to give feedback constructively and effectively across difference, for example race, gender, sexuality and disability.

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GMTS Programme and Placement Manager Training

The NHS GMTS Team are delivering a series of training sessions aimed at current and prospective GMTS Programme and Placement ManagersThese short refresher sessions will provide an insight to the Graduate Management Training Scheme, the journey of the trainee and the roles and expectations of Programme and Placement Managers. 

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Influencing without Formal Authority

Focussed on providing participants with an understanding of how to influence and lead when they lack formal authority or the feeling of power, to build participants confidence to understand the power and influence they have and arm them with practical tools to take back to their teams.

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Leading for an Inclusive Culture

We know as we move into the winter this year the cost of living crisis will start to be felt by many in the NHS. While living with complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility compassion for ‘others’ can often be overlooked. Leaders need to think about their role in this changing landscape and how they can support the creation of relationship-based leadership work in the virtual and physical world.

This workshop series is for all leaders. It is about what you ‘do’ as a leader to create a socially inclusive culture and not who you ‘are’ as a leader.  

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Leading with Hope

The past year has been incredibly challenging for our NHS colleagues. This programme is designed to help leaders be able to foster hope for themselves and within their practice to support colleagues to maintain their health, well-being and continue to persevere with the valuable work they do.

The sessions will explore the nature of hope as it relates to your work, how it links to resilience and wellbeing at the levels of self (yourself across different spheres of life), circle (your colleagues, teams) and system (the ecosystem of your organisation and beyond). 

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Population Health Management Masterclasses (Primary Care) – coming soon

COVID19 has brought to wider consciousness inequalities in different areas from healthcare to technology. Population health brings significant concerns into focus and introduces ways that resources can be allocated to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions. This programme of masterclasses will support individuals and teams to have a solid understanding of Population Health Management and the importance of it in addressing inequalities, workforce planning and embedding population health with your system.

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Power of Compassion for Inclusion

It has long been known that human beings are social creatures, and we have an innate capacity to care. To care about the most vulnerable and those in need. It is also understandable that in these extraordinary times our personal reservoirs of compassion have become depleted and the need to renew and replenish ourselves has never been more important.

These 90 minute interactive virtual workshops offer those attending a chance to explore and learn about everyday ways to bring compassionate practice to life with the option of spending time with peers to deepen their understanding of ways to apply in their work.

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Presentations in the Thinking Environment (Primary Care)

This highly practical session will allow participants to think for themselves about what presenting well means for them and their audience.  They will have the opportunity to consider the components and purpose of an excellent presentation and importantly how to connect with their audience. Participants will leave having delivered two short presentations on an area of challenge (3 minutes) and passion (5 Minutes) and receive appreciation from a small audience.

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The Mary Seacole Programme

If you’re in your first leadership role, the Mary Seacole programme will develop your knowledge and skills in leadership and management.

100 hours of online learning plus three behavioural workshops.

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The Nye Bevan Programme

If you’re a senior leader who wants to move into a board role, the Nye Bevan programme will help you develop the skills attitudes and behaviours you need to succeed.

12-month programme. Online learning, residential workshop and self-managed learning sets.

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The Ready Now programme

Ready Now supports senior BAME leaders to move into board level positions and significantly more senior roles.

12-month programme. Face to face, online and workplace-based learning, plus a three-day residential.

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System Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship – Level 7

Support decision-makers in strategic and leadership roles to understand and address complex and sometimes even ‘wicked’ problems through provision of expert systemic analysis, advice and facilitation.

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The Rosalind Franklin Programme

For mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems.

120 hours of online learning, four days of workshops and small group work.

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Rising Stronger

Rising Stronger is a fast paced, entertaining and light hearted session on a very serious subject; YOU and your personal wellbeing. It is solidly based in the science of positive psychology with all the big words taken out and replaced with simple to understand and easy to action content.

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Transforming Meetings (Primary Care)

This full-day, training is for anyone interested in having more productive, effective and energising meetings. 

Underpinned by the 10 components of the Thinking Environment® conceived by Nancy Kline and outlined in her book, ‘More Time to Think’, the session will give participants the ability to…

  • Set engaging agendas that get participants thinking before they arrive.
  • Facilitate engaging meetings that achieve better results and in less time.
  • Draw on the resourcefulness of meeting attendees.
  • Create an environment for teams to be imaginative in their problem solving.
  • Ensure that high quality thinking goes beyond the meeting itself.
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The Stepping Up Programme

For Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues, Stepping Up will help you develop your leadership and management.

5-month programme. Face to face, online and workplace-based learning.

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Unpacking Power

A two-hour online collective inquiry into our experience of power in the workplace – and of the ways in which we might ethically improve our organisational presence and practice in this respect.

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We Are All Leaders – Developing an “Outward Mindset”

The number one challenge of NHS and other care organisations is retaining and attracting colleagues in an already stretched service.  One overlooked solution is ‘interpersonal resilience’. This is the resilience we gain from the quality of our work relationships and our levels of civility in the way we interact with others.  Everyone can play their part by adopting an Outward Mindset that drives respectful relationship building behaviour.

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