Influencing without Formal Authority

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** Please note this workshop has closed for registrations **

About the session:

Focussed on providing participants with an understanding of how to influence and lead when they lack formal authority or the feeling of power, to build participant’s confidence to understand the power and influence they have and arm them with practical tools to take back to their teams.

What will be covered:

This virtual workshop provides some protected ‘headspace’ and ‘thinking time’ to consider:

  • How can I grow my confidence to use my power and influence, even if I don’t have formal authority?
  • What are the differences between leading in a hierarchical context and influencing across teams and wider networks?
  • Which aspects of my work are best achieved through a conventional management approach and which aspects require a more networked approach to leadership?
  • How do I decide when a formal or more informal approach to influencing might work best?
  • What are my key challenges in influencing beyond my sphere of authority?
  • How do I apply this learning to my everyday work?

Who is this session for:

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care.

About the facilitator

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Jeanne Hardacre, Founding Director of Impact4Health, which is a specialist leadership, OD and culture change consultancy. Jeanne has 25 years of experience working alongside health and social care practitioners, clinicians, leaders and managers to develop behaviours and cultures which support high quality care

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