The Power of Compassion for Inclusion: 3 workshops designed to help leaders release their potential to make a difference

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** Please note these workshops have closed for registration **

Why compassion?

It has long been known that human beings are social creatures, and we have an innate capacity to care. To care about the most vulnerable and those in need. It is also understandable that in these extraordinary times our personal reservoirs of compassion have become depleted and the need to renew and replenish ourselves has never been more important.

Compassionate Inclusion

‘Indifference, not cruelty, is the opposite of compassion’ -Erich H Loewy

We also know that as people and organisations build their capacity for compassion, they are more attentive to the needs of marginalised and excluded people. They become more inclusive. More engaged. More responsive to the needs of those who experience daily indignities, and whose wellbeing is quietly depleted. Compassion has the power to build our support for others, as well as own resilience.

Who’s it for?

This session is aimed at leaders working in systems within the South West region.

The workshops:

These 90 minute interactive virtual workshops offer those attending a chance to explore and learn about everyday ways to bring compassionate practice to life with the option of spending time with peers to deepen their understanding of ways to apply in their work.

Compassionate Cultures – action for change

Spotting and responding to microaggressions and learning how to contribute to building an inclusive culture

All workshops have now taken place. To be notified if we run another workshop, please complete the Expression of Interest form by clicking here.

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An NHS resource pack on workplace compassion:

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Workshop Facilitator – Byron Lee

Byron has a background in health and social care, community and higher education, leadership development; and has spent the past 30 years supporting individuals, teams, communities and organisations build supportive and inclusive practices, systems and cultures. His passion is supporting individuals, teams and organisations weave together different sources of knowledge, wisdom and practice to support collaborative learning and change. His current work involves supporting change agents develop a compassionate and inclusive approach in their work so they can better engage with real world complexity and make a difference.

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