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Find below links to Mindfulness workshops for you to watch at a time that’s convenient for you.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be described as the development of present moment awareness. When you are mindful you know that you are mindful; you are aware of what you’re thinking, feeling and sensing in your body.

For most of us, this is not how we experience our lives much of the time – instead we find ourselves running on automatic pilot, which is when our ‘buttons’ often get pushed. In addition, due to workplace demands of multitasking, instant messaging and constant connectivity, we can find it increasing difficult to switch off and concentrate, which can have a negative impact on wellbeing as well as our performance. For Leaders this results in spending lots of time in the business rather than on the business.

Mindfulness practice helps us become aware of how our own thoughts and feelings impact our experience of the world around us. It enables us to move from a reactive state of mind to a more conscious way of responding. Some of the now much discussed and written about benefits of developing a mindfulness practice speak directly to some of the biggest challenges that face us in our leadership roles and lives. Benefits such as an enhanced ability to be present, calm and focused and an increased sense of connection, empathy and compassion are, for us, at the core of strong personal leadership.

When you look at this list of benefits and add to it those connected with general health and wellbeing, it is also apparent that mindfulness can impact many aspects of our lives. Our participants have reported many and varied benefits such as becoming more grounded and connected, coping better with vast workloads and connecting more easily with others.

Most importantly mindfulness is practice not theory. We believe to really begin to understand ‘what it is to be mindful’ within your work and life, it is necessary to experience this and not just talk and read about it. For this reason, our interventions are heavily experiential and pragmatic with a high degree of focus on practice.

Below you will find some mindfulness resources including some blogs and videos where you will be able to follow along and participate in 30 mins of guided mindfulness.

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Waking up from Automatic Pilot – Catalyst 14 Blog

Taking a Space to Breathe – Catalyst 14 Blog

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