Host a GMTS trainee 2023/24 – applications close 3 February

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Dear colleagues

Could a GMTS trainee contribute to the success of your team in 2023?

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) is currently assessing thousands of candidates, to recruit 250 trainees with high leadership potential to join in September.  

The Scheme is an important pipeline for leadership talent into NHS England.  In 2021/22, trainees were placed in over 300 NHS organisations across England.  Recent research with GMTS alumni who joined between 2011-2018, found that at least 65% remain employed in the NHS and 30% of the 2011 cohort have reached director level.  

We are now seeking applications from organisations across NHS England, that can offer high-quality placements for trainees on the following specialisms:

General Management

Human Resources


Health Informatics 

GMTS trainees are highly motivated and have demonstrated their commitment to a career in healthcare and the core values of the NHS during the recruitment process. Trainees are on-scheme for 2-2.5 years, during which time we develop their leadership potential through placements, academic study and experiential learning.  

You can find out more about GMTS from trainees, by watching this video of a recent trainee discussing their experiences and some of the benefits delivered to their host organisation. Further case studies are available on our website 

Trainees can support your organisation as an additional team member while on placement – as well as bringing new perspectives gained from their intensive programme of healthcare leadership development.  

What does hosting a GMTS trainee involve?

GMTS asks host organisations for a commitment to provide high-quality placements for trainees, to support their leadership development – and a contribution of £24,000 per trainee towards the cost of their salary and training that covers the full 2-2.5 years.  

You’ll need to nominate a placement manager for each trainee placement and a programme manager for the full duration of the Scheme. These managers will be asked to attend a mandatory information session, unless they have attended a session within the last 2 years. These sessions will provide full details of the commitment required. A comprehensive handbook is also provided to managers as a reference guide. 

If you are applying as part of a regional or organisation-wide hosting application, please nominate a lead team/organisation.  This lead organisation will be responsible for working with all partner organisations to provide operational and strategic experiences for trainees, in different environments and teams, preferably across multiple organisations. The lead organisation is responsible for the full £24,000 contribution that covers the full 2-2.5 years.  

Please read our NHS GMTS Assurance Guidance in full before submitting an application, (password ‘GMTS2022’).  This provides detailed information on host commitments, expectations and costs.  

Does GMTS support host organisations?

Yes! There is a GMTS team in your region to support trainees, programme and placement managers and the wider host organisations.  We provide full training for managers and regular check ins for ongoing support. 

I work in an ICB – can we apply for a trainee?  

Yes.  We’re starting to see GMTS included as part of wider workforce and talent plans in many regions and are encouraging ICBs to host trainees at a system level, incorporating placements within constituent organisations.

How do we apply for a GMTS trainee?  

  • Complete ‘section one’ of our application form by 3rd February. This includes a commitment to host a trainee.  
  • We’ll get in touch in March to let you know if your application has been successful.  
  • Successful organisations will be contacted in May with information about trainees who we’ve allocated to your region.  
  • Lead organisations must complete ‘section two’ of the application form (detailed placement information) by 20 June.  
  • Trainees join GMTS in September.  

If you need more information before applying, please get in touch to discuss how a GMTS trainee could support your team in 2023.  We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re just starting to consider hosting a trainee, are already completing the application form – or are anywhere in between.  

We’ve been working with trainees and host organisations for many years and can share insights and case studies on how partnering with GMTS can benefit your teams and organisations, to support your business case for funding.  

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch.  

Thank you for your time and consideration at such a busy time of the year for our NHS colleagues. If you’re interested in applying to host a trainee this year but have conflicting priorities to meet the deadline, please do get in touch so we can explore the opportunities together.