Non-urgent advice: Welcome to our Talent page

We are the South West Talent Team at NHS England. One of seven Talent teams across England. We work closely with our most senior leaders across the region to create visibility of talent pools, review succession plans and continue to identify future successors and pools towards leadership and critical roles.

The Talent Management agenda in the South West (SW) aims to support this through our focus on compassionate, inclusive, and effective leaders who feel supported to reach their full potential. Our ambition remains to identify, develop, support, retain and deploy a diverse range of leaders at all levels much more effectively. 

We are committed to promoting a positive strengths-based, fully inclusive Talent Management approach and working together with our health and social care partners for the benefit of all.

Non-urgent advice: Why is Talent Management important?

The NHS Long Term Plan, and  NHS People Plan sets out our ambitions to nurture current and future leaders by developing and supporting those with the capability and ambition to reach the most senior levels of the service. This was further highlighted in the recent reviews such as Fuller, Ockenden and Messenger with the golden thread through the reviews, strategies and plans being that ‘People’ are at the very heart of health and care and our ability to offer holistic ‘person centred’ care for each of them is key – both patients and staff. 

Our priorities include:

Non-urgent advice: Talent Timebanking Platform

Talent Timebanking is an inclusive talent community in health and social care that allows members to come together, exchange skills and build networks. On Talent Timebanking, by sharing your skills you can earn credits to access talent support and opportunities to shape and take ownership of your own career journey.

• Talent Timebanking is a reciprocity-based system where 1 hour = 1 credit, so the more time members spend helping others, forming relationships and supporting each other, the more time credits they can earn and use towards their own career journey and development.

• To get started, all members will receive 3 credits when they join the timebank and can start exchanging offers and requests freely.

Everyone is equal, unique and has something to offer.

Come and join us at talenttimebanking.co.ukIt’s time for your talent to shine. 

Non-urgent advice: Career Stories

Emma Wood Director of People, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust is interviewed by Erk Gunce, Trainee Support Manager, NHS England
Vinay Takwale, Medical Director NHS England is interviewed by Nora Latapi-Dean, Positive Action Programmed Inclusion co-ordinator, NHS England

Hearing from others about their career journeys can be a great inspiration when considering our own choices.  Here, senior leaders share their own personal career journeys. Please view these career journeys from the South West.

Please click here to view and learn more about these inspirational career stories from across the NHS.

Talent Resources

FutureNHS Platform

This is a place for colleagues from across the South West Region of England who have an interest in Talent and have joined our Talent Community of Practice to connect with each other with a one team approach, share ideas, learning and resources, showcase great fully inclusive talent approaches in practice, celebrate our successes and collaborate on projects/workstreams to improve the quality of working life and experience for our people in health and social care and ultimately patient care.

FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

Our Talent Community of Practice

The South West Talent Team facilitates the Talent Community of Practice (COP) for colleagues who lead on or have responsibility for Talent Management initiatives within their organisation.

The COP meets every 3 months, with the aim of creating space for a sharing and learning community. For us, it has an identity defined by a shared domain of interest – Talent. The Network can support your Talent Management thinking and help you to develop an approach that fits your organisation.

If you are interested in joining, please complete this form.