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Foundations in System Leadership: Collaborating for Health and Care – a Leadership Academy programme primarily designed for those working in health, care, local authorities, the voluntary sector and other partner organisations who are curious about understanding what systems are, how they function and how to lead effectively within them.

Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ) – Various Systems & Relational Leadership video modules, including links to practical tools and approaches, as well as opportunities for more in-depth study and learning.

System OD and Transformation – Our new series of bitesize online learning has been developed to support system leaders. Through these short videos and activities, you will enhance and develop your skills to lead, influence and challenge organisational and system transformation.

Covering five key themes of system OD and transformational change, each theme contains 5 to 6 short learning videos, with self-directed activities.

Access these modules via the Leadership Learning Zone

Leadership in systems – Leadership Academy – Whether we realise it or not, the teams and areas in which we work within the NHS are all part of and linked to wider systems. The work that we do in our own teams and areas often has an impact on other areas of the wider healthcare system and having awareness of this is essential as a leader. 

In this short bitesize learning course, we’re going to look at Leadership in systems

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