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Scope for Growth is a new career conversation tool. It puts colleagues in the driving seat of their career development. It is designed to promote an inclusive career conversation and provide an opportunity for everyone to take ownership of their own development and career aspirations, whatever those maybe. All health and care professionals should feel equally supported to develop their skills, achieve their goals, progress their careers, and be the best they can be.

Scope for Growth aims to support the People Plan commitment to building a inclusive and compassionate culture where everyone can bring their whole self to work. It can also support the implementation of the Messenger review recommendations as a good career conversation identifying, supporting and unlocking, the vast diversity of talent which exists right across the health and care sector

The Scope for Growth Framework

Scope for growth includes a discussion with a line manager or a coach. The individual identifies where they sit on the framework, where they want to move to, and how they will do this to develop their career in the way they would like to.

The framework is built around three categories, depth, breadth and stretch/ complexity- with an impact axis and a growth axis.

The impact axis refers to an individual’s underlying capability and their contribution to the team, organisation and wider stakeholders. Impact includes both what individuals do and how they do it. Performance in role will influence this axis.

The growth axis refers to an individual’s personal ambition for growth across the three categories

Depth– Do I want to stay in my current role? Do I want to continue growing in this field/ profession?

Breadth – Do I want to stay in my current discipline? Do I want to broaden my knowledge and expertise into other areas or functions?

Stretch – do I want to my from my current role into a role of greater complexity and leadership?

The Career conversation stages

Scope for Growth provides a framework for ongoing reflection, dialogues and development. It includes three stages:

Stage 1– What matters to the individual, focusing on well-being, strengths, what motivates them, their experience, and behaviours.

Stage 2– focuses on reflecting on the individual’s career journey. This is followed by a conversation about where they are on the Scope for Growth framework, their career aspirations and how they wish to continue to develop

Stage 3– completion of an aspirational career development plan based on the discussion on the previous stages.


The following Scope for Growth resources can support effective career conversations: