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Due to the success of our Bitesize Coaching 2021-2022, we are delighted to introduce our Express Coaching offer to support health and care colleagues working across the South West.

We are working with coaches from within the region, who have undertaken Express Coaching training. They will provide focused, short-term support in the form of a virtual coaching session. These are designed to offer a safe space where colleagues can reflect on and explore their concerns, needs and challenges in a constructive way.

What is Coaching and how can it help?

At its purest, coaching is the art of truly listening and asking questions that help the coachee generate insights and new perspectives to help empower them and move forward in a positive way. This can be achieved in a short space of time in a confidential environment where it feels safe to share vulnerabilities and issues that might otherwise inhibit progress.

What topics can I bring to coaching?

Every coachee has their own unique challenges so people using this service will do so for a whole host of reasons, which might include the following:

  • Stress, overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Tensions with colleagues, stakeholders, their seniors or people they lead
  • A new role, a new team or additional responsibilities
  • Increasing pressure, complexity and ambiguity
  • Juggling competing workloads
  • Impending difficult conversations
  • Uncertainty about what to do next
  • Issues with confidence, impostor syndrome or managing boundaries
  • Simply wanting to feel heard and understood in a non-judgemental way.

Target audience:

Colleagues working within health and care from across the South West region.

How will the coaching session take place?

  • The coaching session will be offered at a time to suit you. Your session time will be agreed upon between you and your coach.
  • You will be invited to indicate your preferred method of coaching (virtual/ phone call/ other)
  • Ideally, find a private space where you feel comfortable and won’t be overheard

How to apply for a coaching session:

To apply for a Coaching session, please follow the link below, and fully complete the online application form. Once you have been allocated a Coach, we will be in touch with an introductory email.

Please note: Coaches will access the requests at the start of the week, introductory emails will be sent on the Wednesday of each week.

Click here to apply for an Express Coaching session

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